Hanford Baseball Company

Our Story

Co-founders Marbles(left) and Who (right) have been barmstroming from field to field since as early as 1999 when they were just five years old. In their hometown of Canton Michigan, they organized countless sandlot games, batting practices, and homerun derbys along Hanford Road. We weren't always flush with baseballs, though. Many days ended with us going home after the final ball we had was blasted into Willow Creek. Or blasting a car when they decided to hit away from the creek (the drivers were always cool about it). But we kept playing ball and eventually eventually rounded up the neighborhood for summer rec teams throughout high school. A few years later in 2015, vintage baseball was first played at Miller Field with pickup games that featured over 20 players. From those games, the Canton Cornshuckers were founded and the seeds of Hanford Baseball Company were firmly planted.

Marbles grew up watching vintage basebal games at Greenfield Village, and finally got his chance to play in 2014. Shortly after, Who began to wander away and from the mens wood bat league in Ann Arbor and become a full time vintage ballist. Since this time, the Canton Cornshuckers have been barnstorming the country and have played well over 200 games in the green and yellow uniforms.

The lack of available baseballs was still a thorn in our side though - and we set out to fix this problem for the vintage baseball community. In June 2022, we rolled out the Festivall Ball under the lights at the Field of Dreams in Iowa. Not too long after, the Tournament Balls were first used at the World Tournament of Historic Base Ball in Dearborn, MI. And a few more months after that, our continuous seam ball was first used on the East Coast.

Today you can find our vintage baseballs flying all over the country from the Bay Area, to 10,000 feet above sea level in the Colorado mountains, and the battlefields of Gettysburg Pennslyvania. Locally, you can find them flying over the train tracks of Walnut Grove at Greenfield Village, where the Hanford duo frequently suit up for the Lah De Dah's on their days off. And perhaps nowhere  is as special as the legendary fields along Hanford Road where we haven't broken any windows (yet). 

We are proud to serve the vintage baseball community with first class products and customer service. We are dedicated to expanding the world of vintage baseball, connecting with players and fans alike, and sharing all of the great stories the game has to offer.

See you on the field,